by Mimieux

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A story of a broken home.


released May 31, 2013




all rights reserved


Mimieux Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Ex members of Holy Christ.
Effort Pa
we are mad sometimes,
then we write about it.

let us play your basement.

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Track Name: Where Is My Son?
Where is my son
Every time we speak my ears burn
I'd cut out my eyes so I could see you as you are
A devil in mans clothes
A curse from god for all the sins committed as a child

And I hope he sees you
As an act of god, slays you
You're not my son, you're my regrets reborn

You're fucking worthless
A curse to us
If you could murder us
To not bear another second with you

A life lost,
A bigger cause,
To be happy
Life alone

You fucking heathen
You're dead in my dreams
Track Name: That Bastard
I'm not a bastard son you can throw around
I'm getting older now
I'm getting angrier now
When I leave I'll rain down on you
There's a part of me that's part of you
And that piece is the only thing holding me back from gouging your eyes out
And leaving them for the crows

I'm better than this
Your narrow minded ignorance
This will make me stronger
I'm leaving you
I'm leaving this
Send me to hell
You're not worth it
Clear my head
And lead my own life

You're like the people who go to a hanging and act shocked when the fucking bodies drop

I live in my room
Plotting scenarios
but each and every one consists of somebody dead. Is there something wrong… with me?
Fuck you
Track Name: We'll Lie Together
Regroup get back on my feet
I was miserable
How do you disown innocence
How am I wrong for being alive
Who are you to tell me I'm fucked up
At least I'm being honest
But don't worry
Heavens on your side

I wish I was smarter
I should have taken the blame

Now I'm living aimlessly on the streets
No way out

This is my so called home
Two beaten shoes strapped to the road
I found faith in another man
Who accepts who I am
I'm my worthless

Then the sickness spreads
As we lay in bed forever
If he dies
Then we die together

My lungs are failing
I comfort the black
It feels good to be loved back
Track Name: We'll Wither
I've been withered
Down to the bones
I can feel them through my skin
Blank stares in mirrors
The pale white within
I need something
Something to show me right from wrong
From the birth up to now I feel like I fucked up
The weight on my soul
You hated my son, my own blood
Was it my fault?
Is there something wrong with me?

Can you stand me?
Can you bear the sound of my voice?
Do you enjoy the way we fuck?

There is a piece of me that hates you
But who's worse?
You disown my child
And smile
I need to get away
I'm not your fucking slave
Belittle me
You coward
I'll crush you
Track Name: Until Death
Where is my life? Is it gone so soon? All that I feel inside me is the feeling of death creeping over me. I feel alone. I feel betrayed, but nothing’s different from how I’ve always felt so what’s the difference My mother always told me to hate myself. There’s nothing worse in this world than me Please, try to console me because I’ve never felt anything other than hate.

To hell with you
All the shit I've been through
I'm sick of the irrational lies
And how am I the only one with clarity
Or is it just me?
Now I'm second guessing myself

Where is my mother? I’m fading quick and I’d like to see her one last time before I go so that I can tell her exactly how I feel. And I’m gone
Track Name: Cuts Your Throat
Oh you
Cut out my heart
And cauterize
You fooled me
You lied
You filthy pretender
You fucking facade.

What's left?
I'm alone and lost
I'll bury myself like she buried my son

There’s nothing more that I can do, so this is why I’m leaving. When I get where I’m going I’ll raise up the dead to eat the living, I’ll raise up the dead